plane skincare routine

I always have a skincare routine ready for a long haul flight as the recycled air isn’t nice on my sensitive skin. I leave the plane with a stingy face and with red spots, isn’t a nice look when you’ve just been on an overnight flight and the airports booming in the mornings.

Read below my step by step routine on keeping your face fresh and glowing after a long flight:

*Remember* make sure it’s under 100ml for carry on luggage.

Before Take Off:

Before touching my skin, I always use a sanitiser on my hands first.

  1. Cleanse skin (even if you do not have makeup on) – you can use make up wipes if you prefer (my skin is too sensitive for wipes) or you can use a non-water, non-rinse cleanser.
    Essano Rosehip Wipes
    Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser; I’ve been using this cleanser every night and morning for 2 years and I love it! It’s really effective and light.
  2. Face Mist – this can be anything with hydrating Vitamin E or I use a Thermal Spring Water and spray it over my face.
    La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water.
  3. Face oil mixed with Moisturiser – I use a Rosehip Oil as it helps with damaged skin + scarring. I put two drops on my moisturiser and then massage all over my face. I usually do this a couple times throughout the flight – whenever I’m feeling dry again.
    Essano Rosehip Oil.
    Avene Rich Compensating Cream; works really well on my dry/ sensitive skin.
  4. Eye Creme + Lip Balm – lastly, I put on some eye creme and some lip balm.
    Natural Instinct Dark Circle & Wrinkle Correction Eye Creme.
    – Any Lip Balm; Paw Paw is always good.

Now you’re feeling fresh and ready for your in flight movie and meal!

Once I’ve finished my meal, I usually take a sleeping tablet and have a glass of red wine. Get out my Sleeping Eye Mask and get ready for some rest.

30 Mins Before Landing:

  1. Cleanse – face again.
  2. Eye Mask + Face Mist – this time I use an Eye Mask instead of Eye Creme. This helps brighten my eyes back up again. I also use the Thermal Spring Water on my face again to give it a fresh feeling.
    Skin Republic 24k Gold Hydrogel Under Eye Mask.
  3. Serum – to finish my skincare routine, I add a serum that both hydrates and primes the skin.
    Sukin Super Greens Facial Recovery.

10 Mins Before Landing:

Just 10 mins before landing, I head to the toilet and touch up my face with some makeup (depending on what I’m needing to do once I’m off the plane). Usually it’s just:

  1. Concealer; on spots the need to be covered and/ or under eyes.
  2. Powder; all over face.
  3. Blush; brighten up my cheeks.
  4. Brush Teeth; you get a little pack that contains a toothbrush and toothpaste on your flight or you could bring your own.
  5. Lip Gloss; SAX is my favourite! I don’t go anywhere without it!
    – SAX Lip Gloss Sweet Pea.
  6. Deodorant + Perfume; Dove and Lovely are always my go to scents.
    Dove Antiperspirant Roll-On.
    Lovely by Jessica Sarah Parker.

Let me know if there is anything else I can add to this routine to make my face feel that little bit better.


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