SAN FRANCISCO – 2018 [6 day itinerary]

SAN FRANfuckingCISCO! Only my dream come true since around the 2013’s. It took me a while but I finally got there and it was everything I expected… maybe a little more.

I’ve decided to do something a little different this time and instead of just talking shit about my travels, I thought it would be better to do an itinerary type post. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š


As we were on our way to the airport, we received an email from Qantas stating that our flight had been changed. We had booked a Qantas 16 hour flight from Melbourne stopping over quickly in Sydney and then heading straight to San Francisco. Our email now read: Melbourne to San Francisco flight now changed to a 36 hour flight leaving Melbourne and landing in Sydney for a 16 hour stop over then flying to LAX – San Francisco. So not only were we not going to be in San Francisco when we were supposed to but they also wanted us to stay overnight for 16 hours in Sydney Airport. Don’t worry, I was straight on the phone and got it changed to nearly the same flight as initiated.

Although Qantas pulled that on us, we always find them the most comfortable for long distance flights (second to Emirates).

I always have a skincare routine for long distance flights also, I find that once I leave the plane my face is stinging and with bright red blemishes. The recycled air doesn’t do good for the skin. Here’s my Plane Skin Care Routine.


Okay, so we’ve finally landed in San Francisco – let the fun begin!

  • Check into Hotel/ Air BnB – we stayed at; Minna Hotelย and while it was a sketchy area, it was bang smack right in the city and cheap too! (I’d stay there again)
  • Dispensary; we got in pretty late so there wasn’t much to do other than go check out a dispensary, have a smoke and then get a late night feed at a diner. If you stay at Minna Hotel – a 3 minute walk will take you to Barbary Coast Dispensary. Awesome atmosphere, great staff & customer service and a really cool private lounge area for everyone to smoke & chill. We actually spent most our time here and met an awesome dude called Chad ๐Ÿ™‚
  • FOOD; the most exciting part! Just another 5 minute walk further down Mission Street is Mel’s Drive-inย – we ate here I think 4-5 times. It’s sooo bloody delicious, serving home-made meals. Mexican/ American style food. Milkshakes! Everything you need after having a smoke. Plus, they have juke boxes on your table, so you can listen to some classics or you can pop up a chair at the front counter, just like we see in those American movies.
  • Sleep; if you’re coming from Australia, well then, you will be jet-lagged. We couldn’t get to sleep until 3AM. Actually, the area we stayed in was quite awake at all hours, so I got to experience some pretty funny things on the street. For example; the first night while looking out my window at 2:30AM, some lady with her trolly walked across the road and another lady nearly hit into her with her car. It was rainy. The lady got out of her car and started going off – she went on for 10 minutes while the other lady was trying to pick up all her stuff to put back into her trolley. Then this man comes running across the road to try grab the trolley and the lady from the car went at him and he jumped and ran off. Everyone was out on the street just watching and yelling – was crazy.
Mission St


  • Wake up; to go sight seeing you’d want to wake up around 9AM – we were jet lagged so it was 12PM for us. Seeing as we woke up late, we decided to get ready, go for a walk and first find food.
  • Food; there’s heaps of food options to try in San Francisco, especially in the city area. We were a 10 minute walk from Westfield – were all the main shopping is. There’s a shitload of diners around – and you can’t go wrong with a diner. So that’s what we did, we found another diner – I don’t remember the name, you’re on your own with this one ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Sightseeing; right outside Westfield is the famous Cable Car ๐Ÿš ย which I always wanted to see due to Charmed. We didn’t get to ride it as the line was that long, but if you’re wanting to check it out, definitely go during the week or at an early time.

We went back to the dispensary after walking around and getting some food. We chilled and planned what we were going to do for the night. We headed back to Mel’s Drive-in for some dinner before heading out.

  • Basket Ball Game; after dinner we caught an Uber to Oracle stadium in Oakland, CA. The vibe was insane! Can’t wait to go back to another game. We saw Golden State Warriors and Sacramento play. Definitely worth doing! I just searched online and found tickets.

After the basketball game, we headed back to the dispensary – cause really, there’s not much else to do. This is where we met Chad, we got to talking for hours and when it was time to leave, we decided to go to a bar for some drinks. Again, Minna Hotel is sooo close to everything, there is actually a bar right on the corner of Mission Street and 6th Street. The bar is called The Monarch Hotel.

  • Maccas; so, you have to order Maccas delivery at least once while you’re in America – like supersized meal. The whole Maccas experience. Well that’s what we did after our night. Seeing as we couldn’t get to sleep until 3AM again. *Bring more sleeping tablets if you don’t want to waste your days or get the fuck out of bed.
Famous Cable Car
Another Diner


We again woke up at 12PM, so we wasted pretty much half a day. But no worries, not for us.

  • Sightseeing; after we got ready we walked all the way from our Hotel to the famous Painted Ladies.ย Don’t miss out on seeing them, they’re sooo beautiful. You can sit in Alamo Square park and watch the sunset go down with everyone else. We saw a man sitting giving out free advice, also another dude with 6 g-strings on ranting about something. You have such an amazing view of the city. Was definitely a highlight.

We didn’t really do much else this day except – you know what he he. We were able to get to sleep at a reasonable time finally, but I was awaken by some commotion out on the street. As I looked out my window, our whole street was blocked off, there were 6 police cars, 2 ambulance and 1 fire brigade. As I looked further down the street, I saw police officers trying to arrest this man on the ground. Shit was crazy hectic.

Walk to The Painted Ladies
The Painted Ladies
Alamo Square park
Transamerica Pyramid


We set an alarm to make sure we got up early today because we wanted to really go sight seeing.

  • Hired a Car; we found an app online where people can hire out their car. I can’t remember the app but you’ll be able to find one no worries. We hired an American muscle type of car, of course. All we had to do was, head to the cars location, let the person know we were there, and they will unlock it for you.
  • Sightseeing; first on our list was Silicon Valley. It’s a 45 minute drive from San Francisco Bay Area. It was very weird driving on the opposite side of the road, I think it took us a good 20 minutes getting used to it.
    In and Out Burger; it’s a must try and the closest one.
    Google Customer Centre; you can buy some Google, Youtube, Amazon related merchandise.
    If you keep driving for an extra 20 minutes, you can try the Walmart experience in San Jose. We didn’t have enough time unfortunately ๐Ÿ™
  • Golden Gate Bridge; my favourite experience! I could drive on it over and over again. It’s sooooo big! There’s a few spots you can stop and get some cool photos. If you drive over it towards Muir Woods and head towards your right, this is where the best views at – Long Ave & Marine Dr, San Francisco, CA 94129, USA. Then towards the left, is another lookout that’s pretty crowded and has some binoculars. You can see Alcatraz the best from here.
  • Muir Woods; now make sure you get a ticket before you head all the way there. You can’t get tickets there at all. Which was quite upsetting because we didn’t get tickets and were running out of time. Definitely worth the visit though! Although, the drive around that area is beautiful and you can see some pretty awesome views!
  • Lombard Street; another iconic thing to do while visiting San Francisco – the curly street. It’s a one way street so make sure you head to the top and make your way down. When you get to the bottom, turn either left or right and find a park. Then walk to the street and take some photos. There will be a lot of other people there too.

We had to head back to the Hotel and get ready for a dinner we were hosting. I can’t remember what the place is where we went, but it was unreal. We met a lot of awesome people within business. One man in particular grew a fond of us and wanted to continue on the night with some more drinks else where. We learn’t that he was a Ted X speaker, which to us is pretty insane. We actually went straight to Mel’s Drive-in again and had some wine before finding a bar in the city and dancing there for a couple of hours. I left my bag containing my phone, passport and wallet back at the bar. Don’t worry though, I got it all back the next day. Luckily. Silly drunk Loz.

Silicon Valley


We had a FinTech conference on for the next two days. We actually came on this trip for business but had to add in a little adventure too. Travelling this far, why not? I was pretty hungover actually so it was really draining. But we got through it and headed back to the Hotel. We chilled real hard. And ordered heaps of food. Oh and watched Live PD. The TV options over there are siiiiiiick!

Things that you could do; check if a baseball or football game is on, go to Pier 39, go bar hopping or visit Alcatraz (and if you do, let me know how good it is!!!)

Barbary Coast Dispensary


After the FinTech conference – we decided to go watch a movie American style. My god, their chairs are like our Gold Class. Not fair. You have to go watch a movie though, they have a variety of hot foods and candy. Guess where the movie theatre was? 5 mins from our hotel!

What an adventure. Worth a visit. Let me know what you get up to and what I missed out on.

Loz ๐Ÿ’•



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