We were home for one week after our month of travelling Vietnam before we were back off again, this time to Singapore. We were on our way to Singapore for the worlds largest FinTech Conference – which we were pretty damn excited about!

We arrived in late and damn it was humid, most humid place on earth. We caught a taxi to our AirBnb just in an area called Katong – we had pool, so I was all set. Once we settled in, like always we went straight out to explore. There was the best strip of food shops and bars just where we were staying so we popped in to a Mexican bar and got some tacos and a beer (Y).

The next morning, I got up and went straight done to the pool and had a swim. Jaz came down not so long after, so we ordered some beers and some Singaporean Laksa (just what I had been waiting for)! DELICIOUS!

Our first night I decided for us to go to the night safari at the zoo, I’d never been to a night safari before so was quite keen! It was super packed though and I do think I took us at the wrong time but was worth it in the end. It only took 25 minutes to get to the other side of Singapore, crazy small.


The next day we didn’t get up to much, we just went down and had a look around the markets and got some food then headed back to our AirBnb and worked – it was raining pretty hard that day from what I remember, so we couldn’t do much anyway. I really wanted to go see Sentosa Island, but next time we go I will make sure it’s hot and not raining.

Day 1 – We got up pretty early as we were quite excited for our first day at the FinTech Conference. The first day, we looked around and spoke to a few other companies. They had a buffet lunch on everyday with so much to choose from, it was ASEAN themed. YUM! Then happy hour at the end of every day – how many beers can we drink in one hour is what we play. Ended up pretty smashed.

Day 2 – Today we did a lot of listening at the speaks, being apart of the investor summits and getting to meet Brad Garlinghouse (owner of Ripple) – now that was cool! We didn’t stay for happy hour today as we needed to get back and do some more work for the next day, plus I was pretty tired.


Day 3 – We came in around lunch time and then joined in on some more important speaks and investors. Once the day was over, they had this massive closing ceremony with 2 hours worth of happy ;-P… Again, we got pretty smashed that we continued on to another bar next to our AirBnb.

Our last day was a rainy one and a sleepy day in bed one due to the big night before. We stayed in bed allllllll day until our flight at 8PM.

Until next time Singapore, hopefully I get to see more of you rather than business.




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