VIET – SAPA 2018.


After our day trip to Ninh Binh, we jumped on an overnight train ride to Sapa. Oh my god, was this the best experience of my life, it’s seriously like Harry Potter. You have your own little room, well it sleeps 4, but I booked out all beds so we had it private. Booking out all beds makes it VIP, so you get two free beers, waters and some snacks. We were very tired after that long exhausting day of exploring so it was good to finally relax and settle in. Jaz fell asleep almost straight away but no worries they sell over the counter 10ml valleys, so I had a pretty damn fun night.


The train ride takes 8 hours and you can find a few different trains online – I went with Sapaly, they have pretty good reviews and the cabin looked the best. We got a wake up call with some coffee and biscuits @ 5:30am. We arrived in to Lao Cai Train Station at 6am and off we went onto a bus for a 45 min hike up a windy hill in the fog and rain. Don’t worry, we made it there alive.

We couldn’t check into our hotel straight away so we left our bags there and went out for some tea and breakfast in the drizzle. Sapa is such a beautiful town, it was my favourite destination on the trip. I will definitely be back and maybe some of the warmer months, although they have sightings of snakes regularly :-o!

After breakfast we booked in a trek with a lovely village lady on the street and then went for a quick full body massage – because why not, they cost like $10! 1PM hit and we were ready to take on our 3 hour hike in the rain (I wasn’t aware of the 1.5km up hill :-O). It was so much fun though – we got to learn so much and see the most beautiful colours and village.


When we arrived back we went out for some dinner and smoke down at some pretty hippie bar. It gets very cold here, make sure you pack real warm clothes! Love you SAPA <3



X – Cat Cat Village Trekking (or longer ones, same route)

X – Markets


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