We landed on Phu Quoc island late at night and headed straight to our Air Bnb which was a little place right on the beach and was in a little fishing village. The Air Bnb owner built these lots to help bring money into the area so they don’t rip them down to make resorts. MVIMG_20181024_084548

Finally, we had some TV with netflix – we put on Rick and Morty straight away and watched the lightning and thunder. It was such a nice relaxing night to end a busy moving day.


I found this place online called Starfish beach and to get there was pretty tricky because of the dirt bumpy road. Well, it was raining and very muddy and it took us well over an hour to try get through in our little Grab taxi. When we finally made it to Starfish beach, because of the heavy downfall, the beach was really dirty and dark and smelly. Was very disappointed so off we went back into town for some food. Food always helps.

Although, I had come down with jungle fever again and wasn’t feeling good at all, so we decided to head back to our place and spend our last night in. On our way back our taxi dropped us off in the wrong place and we had to walk through thick mud to get back – it was so gross and I think that was my breaking point.


As soon as we got back we jumped in the shower and got all clean again, we cracked open some beers and kicked back on the couch – lucky for food delivery because we were in the middle of bum-fuck. We watched the sunset out on the beach with our new neighbourhood friends. It was the best way to end our travels.


X – Starfish Beach (when it hasn’t been raining)

X – Vinpearl Amusement Park


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