Today we were off from the noisy city of Ho Chi Minh and onto a quiet little island just off of Nha Trang called Ninh Van Bay. I was coming down with some sort of cold so I was happy to relax.

We had to catch a boat to the island, it only has to resorts on it. It was truly such an amazing place. I booked us the tree house villa. It was like a three story treehouse – we had our own pool, kitchen with a wine bar, anything you could think of. The first thing we did when we arrived was jump in the pool, pop open a bottle of champagne and order in house a massive feast – oh and pumped the music. It was a lovely afternoon.MVIMG_20181020_152849

After our bottle and lunch we went for a little bike ride along the beach. Then off for some drinks and dinner.

I couldn’t sleep at all that night, I had the worst jungle fever. I was tossing and turning and my throat was almost done for swallowing. I was quite glad to be getting off this island in the morning and heading to a chemist.


We caught a boat back to Nha Trang and had a look around for a while and got some lunch before heading to our next destination. I was so grumpy this day, very tired and sick 😦

The limo transfer sure didn’t help with that at all, it was the worst trip of our lives and quite scary – the driver managed to get to Da Lat in 2 hours when it was supposed to be a  3 hour drive. Argh, felt so sick.


X – Bike ride along the beach

X – Gym

X – Beach/kayaking etc

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