VIET – MUI NE 2018.


Finally down South of Vietnam, right on the beach and the sand dunes. Time for some sand dune fun and a tan!

I booked us a little shack right on the beach front for two nights – it was a really pretty chilled place. The weather was amazing too.

For the first half of the morning I wanted to sun tan on the beach and chill out, which I did and it was grouse. I did get super sunburnt though, should’ve wore sunscreen.

Second half of the day, I wanted to go check out the red and white sand dunes – it was extremely hot. We rented a motorbike and headed on down there. Half way through our ride, we got stopped by road inspectors/police who tried to fine us for a lot of money on the most stupid things, don’t back down and stand up for yourself, they’re only trying to get as much as they can. We got it down to $30 and a two day pass and we were on our way (while we were pulled over, they had pulled over 5 other white people). Be careful and follow their road rules.



They were the beautiful views we saw while riding to the sand dunes. Once we got to the start of the sand dunes, we stopped for some quick lunch on a hammock and then grabbed a few beers and then headed to the quad bikes. We only rented them for 30 mins, but that’s all you need as you start to go around in circles and the hire guys have to come with you as well.

Once we arrived back to our little shack, we were starving so we headed out to the Indian restaurant across the road. It was hands down the best Indian i’ve ever had. Plus great service (Y)


X – Beach

X – White and Red sand dunes

X – Massages lots and lots


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