We were heading back to Ho Chi Minh City today to see our friends back home. I decided to take the train instead of a car transfer and I’m glad I did because it was fun and surprisingly comfortable. They had a bar on the bloody train, so we drank beers and watched TV with nuts. It was a 4 hour journey.

When we arrived at our hotel in Ho Chi, we quickly popped out for some German and then went to bed as we were getting up early for a big day of tourism.



Our friends Ming and Hung picked as up in the morning and took us to the first stop which was a traditional Vietnamese breakfast (Pho- yay) and then the second stop was traditional coffee (both ways) in the park – I got to see a little tree squirrel, was so cute!

We then made our way over to the war museum, which was very sad. And the parliament house. Mings nephew was driving us around for the day. Ming took us past his house in Vietnam to meet his sister and see into his life. Then off to grab a traditional lunch – you chose a few dishes and then sit down on little stools and share with your friends. It was bloody delicious.


Last stop, they took me past the pink church I was dying to see so badly!


We were also a few beers in at this point – they were tired and went back to have an afternoon nap (in Vietnam, that is quite normal. Everyone usually opens up shop early, then closes a little after lunch for a nap before opening back up for a late night).

Jaz and I were pretty tipsy by this point, so we decided to adventure around the city plus we had to pick up a package from the post office. Across from the post office was a cute little beer bar so we stopped in while we waited for the rain to stop. Hours went past and were off on another traditional dinner this time with Ming and Hung.

I ate snails and they were delicious, or maybe it was because I was soo drunk, I would have ate anything.  I got Hung to have a couple beers and before we knew it we had booked out a room doing Karaoke! LOL fun times. (I don’t remember making it back home)IMG_20181019_195657IMG_20181019_195659


X – Pink Church

X – Mekong Delta day trip

X – War museum

X – Parliament House



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