VIET – HANOI 2018.


After the Halong Bay overnight cruise we headed to the busy city of Hanoi. We only had a one night stay as we were off on another adventure the next day. We checked in to a hotel called ROYAL PALACE HOTEL and it was in the most perfect spot and had a pretty good view.


Once we were all checked in, we went out onto the busy streets and went market shopping. We went and got some clothes tailor made and then to find the best Pho in town – which I did (Pho is more of a breakfast thing in Vietnam so it’s very hard to find the dish after lunch hours, it’s more of a lunch/dinner dish for us in Australia). After the delicious Pho, we went to the Note Cafe and then off to do some more exploring.

It was so crazy with all the motorbike flying around so we decided to go on a bike tour around the streets to take it all in. I’m glad we did that because we ended up on Train Street with 1 minute to go till the train passes (totally worth seeing!).IMG_20181008_205212


X – Train Street

X – Note Cafe

X – Dong Xuan Market (closes at 7PM)

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