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IPATA started on Friday night, as we were new attendees we were invited to an icebreaker reception with drinks and finger food at the Pullman Hotel across from Albert Park. IPATA also known as International Pet And Animal Transport Association is a conference held for “The Pet Shipping Experts” and although our company myNewPet is not a transport company, we have created a platform for fellow Aussies and New Zealanders to safely buy/sell animals online. We have partnered up with Dogtainers to look after the transport side of things. And well IPATA, is giving us that opportunity to partner up with the rest of the world. Fingers crossed!


Second day was a very very early morning and I don’t do mornings (n).. I mean who can at 5:30AM!? Plus you can tell by my head, I do. not. do mornings… on a hangover. We had to be there super early to set up our booth – have a look below, don’t it look cool?

2018-10-02 013043242117662045799..jpg

2018-09-22 011918833081266072819..jpg

Today was about networking and listening to a few speakers. We’ve met so many great people from all around the world. Lisa from Tail a Cab leaving a massive impression on me (can’t wait to see you again!). First up we had – Catriona Pollard, CP Communications “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Managing Your Communications. I really enjoyed her speak. We had buffet lunch and breakfast everyday – which was great!

The rest of the day was about networking. Once 4PM hit we were off home, I couldn’t even hold my eyes open at this point – I mean, I did sleep for 14 hours that night.


We didn’t get in till lunch today as they had the morning off. I was feeling very refreshed and ready to take on the next 3 days. We had another few speakers about Regulation Compliance. I really enjoyed listening to the Compliance side of Pet Transportation as I work in Compliance myself. After we all bunched up in what it looks like the Australian Flag (I mean the shot from the top looks more like it, but you kinda get my gist) for a group photo: Can you spot us?

2018-09-29 077713877963090936195..jpg

We got to showcase our business today also! Man that was such a proud moment in life!!!


Happy 2 year anniversary to my love! Today was my favourite day out of them all and yes it’s because it was our 2 year anniversary. We headed in for breakfast and for the first couple of speakers and then we snuck out and off I was on a surprise.

Jaz took me 15 minutes down the road, told me to close my eyes and not to open until I got out the car… Can you guess where he took me? Nope. I couldn’t either! I opened my eyes and was standing in front of Melbourne Snowboard Centre!!!!!!! I was there to buy my board, bindings and boots – what a freaking awesome present!

2018-09-25 082575481080831695448..jpg

How cool is my board!!??

We headed back to the conference and made it just in time for the POP UP PUB.. um yes! Jaz and I booked an apartment in St Kilda for the next two nights to celebrate our anniversary and to stay somewhere after the conference. The place was so nice and in such an awesome spot, definitely recommend. You can read more about where we went and what we got up to around town on our anniversary, on my anniversary blog post.


Last day of IPATA! It was such a fun time and cannot wait to see everyone again for next year’s 40th Anniversary in Chicago, USA.

We got in a little late today because we celebrated our anniversary the night before. Buffet lunch seemed like the perfect time to arrive, seeing as I have a 5 day long hangover. After lunch, we all made our way into the conference room for one last event. Chris Humpreys! He owns his own little Australian Zoo out in Mt Macedon, only 15 minutes away from my house – how freaking cool!

I’d never actually seen a koala in real life before so I was quite excited! The little wombat was my favourite, didn’t get to see him well enough though – he was on my mind for the rest of the day 😍

3:30pm hit and we decided to head back to the apartment to chill and get ready for tonight’s Red Carpet Gala Event.

We all arrived at 7pm and hit the reception for a few drinks and photos on the red carpet.

They themed the event “under the sea”, was done up so beautiful!






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