It was one boring trip up.. I mean, it’s always such a boring trip up. Might be because I always leave after work and am soooo tired. Have you ever been to the snow? It’s such a pain in the arse – from driving up the mountain in the snow, unpacking your car, awaiting a snow taxi in the freezing cold and then struggling with your luggage to walk in the snow. So worth it.

We stayed in an apartment this time right on the mountain – we usually stay at the backpackers right next to Kooroora Hotel.  The apartment was right next to Mercedes Benz chair lift.

We got to the mountain about 7:30PM after Jase driving a further 40 mins pass the exit we needed to take, missing that exit made me very hungry for some reason. We unpacked the car and waited for a snow taxi for a good 30 mins – peak times (September). We arrived at our apartment and had to search for a good 10 mins for the door as there was plenty of snow fall. Apartment 4 – we finally found it!

We were planning on heading to the Kooroora Hotel for a couple of drinks, but everyone seemed pretty tired so we all had a J and sat to watch Inglorious Bastards with a shit load of munchies. 1 by 1 we all dropped like flies.

It was an early but pretty morning. A few of us had to go down to the village to hire some rentals. Once we had all our rentals, we headed back to the apartment (5 minute walk) and got ready. If you are starting from the village, you would jump on Bourke Street chair lift that takes you to Mercedes Benz chair lift – Mercedes Benz chair lift takes you to the top where you can then snowboard/ski down whichever side of the mountain you desire. I always stay at Northside Express because I love Shakey Knees run. The run is kinda for beginners/intermediate. I think I spend most my time here because there’s a bar just as you come off the chair lift – beers & snowboarding, very fun!

It got to about 3PM and everyone decided they were getting tired and to head back to the apartment. We all chilled around for a little while and had a rest. We headed down to Kooroora Hotel about 5:30PM for dinner. I do NOT recommend the food at all – 5 of us ordered a Parma and we couldn’t even eat it. It’s very expensive too. After that let down, we headed straight back to the apartment and decided to drink there instead.



Until next time Mt Buller 💙

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