INDO – GILI Trawangan 2018.

First destination of our 2018 Indonesian holiday.

13th of February we caught a late flight into Kuta and stayed over the night in a cheap but always good hotel – Febri’s Hotel & Spa —

In the morning, we got up nice and early and caught the bus to Padang Bai where we needed to catch the speed boat to Gili Trawangan. Today was valentines day so I had planned our romantic day to be spent hoteling on an island. When we arrived in Gili T, it was sooo beautiful and lively. There are no police on this island along with no cars or motorbikes. Just bicycles to ride along the beach side with, oh and donkeys with carts. We stayed at the Pearl of Trawangan –


I highly recommend booking this place if you ever plan to head to Gili T as it’s the most cleanest, it’s right on the beach and it has a swim up pool bar with a little waterfall. Straight away we got into our bathers and jumped straight into the pool, cocktail after cocktail. After a fun afternoon, we headed back to our room and got ready for our valentines dinner right on the beach. It was so beautiful. I got lobster too 😀

After dinner, we both were really tipsy and in such a good mood so we decided to hire two bicycles and go for a ride in the night – we found a market along the beach (they have this every night). We bumped into a couple while we were adventuring around and decided to go clubbing with them. My partner (as always) can’t handle his alcohol so off we went to bed.

15th of Feb – feeling very hungover today, very very hungover. But all is good, because look at this beautiful place! It was raining and we had planned to go for a snorkel but crazy as it sounds, it was quite chilly. I had a tracksuit on. We were sitting on our balcony looking at the rain for a while when a man called Matt came up to introduce himself. He overheard us say “Melbourne’ while checking in and he so was from Melbourne. We got chatting and then decided to all for a swim as it was raining away. 5 hours later, we were pissed! So many cocktails. My partner once again, weak stomach – had to go back to the room so Matt and I decided to go get dinner together and hit the town. There are so many different restaurants and bars to go to along the strip, you will never run out of things to do. It’s the famous island for mushy shakes too! 😉

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